Why I Love Amäzi Plantain Chips

Amäzi is an awesome woman owned company based in Washington, DC. The organically grown plantains used to make Amäzi’s chips are ethically sourced and direct trade from farmer cooperatives in Uganda. The plantains are processed in Uganda and shipped, ready to sell here in America. By processing the plantain chips before shipping, some of the value is kept in Uganda which encourages economic growth. I love supporting companies that care about where their food comes from and the people who produce the food.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Amäzi, Renee. I learned all about Amäzi and how their organic plantain chips are made. I was so impressed by the work her company is doing. Renee kindly gifted some of her plantain chips to me to try and they were amazing!

Amäzi’s plantains are dried and then roasted in small batches in order to protect the nutritional value. Plantains are full of potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, so this process is very important. When roasting the chips, Amäzi only uses coconut oil or olive oil. I’ve never found any other plantain chips that are roasted in such high quality cooking oils.


Amäzi’s plantain chips are heartier than other store bought plantain chips. I don’t feel like I need to eat the whole bag to be satisfied. They are super crunchy and perfect for dipping! Currently Amäzi offers 4 different kinds of plantain chips. The ingredients are simple and listed right on the front of the package and all flavors are paleo! My favorite flavor is olive oil roasted with salt, followed closely by all the other flavors. The chili flavor is super spicy, so if you like spice you will love this flavor. I like to enjoy the chips with guacamole or nut butter for a filling snack!


Supporting ethically minded and local businesses is extremely important to me, so I want to spread the word about this awesome company! 

Amäzi plantain chips can be found at the following locations in the Washington, DC area:

You can also order them online at amazifoods.com -- my first order arrived today! And Amazon.

If you try Amäzi plantain chips, let me know what you think in the comments!